Saturday, 14 February 2015

SBS Fan Page Valentine's Swap

 Happy Valentines Day Betty!

I just started doing some swaps at Xmas where I had participated in 2.  So my third was quite daunting!  Of all people to get was Betty from SBS!  The pressure!!!! LOL.  It took me over 6 hours to make this card LOL..Who spends 6 hours making a card!  Clearly it was made with love and admiration for Betty.

This is what Betty sent to me....whooooooppppppiiiiiieeeeee!!!

Darn borders kept us both from getting our packages on time, but we can both look forward to getting the items soon!  I can't wait to get mine!  Thanks for such a great gift Betty!  Eeeeeekkkkkk!!! I think those are SOCKS??? OMG SOCKS are the gift of our Christmas!!!!  Everyone in our family has to get multiple socks (wraped up together, in a bunch of pairs, in a singular SOCK!  LOL each year we have to wait until our birthday to get the matching SOCK LOL)  Good thing my birthday is 5 days after daughter - not so lucky she is Dec 4th LOL  its a long wait for that sock LOLOL.  Cant wait!

The blog hop - keep sharing the love!

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  1. hope it arrives soon it looks fantastic

  2. How cool was that. I was also lucky too. I got Rio and my goodies are awesome.. I know you have lot's of idea's.. have fun with your new stash.