Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Simone's a Gramma!

A few months ago my girlfriend told me the great news about her son and that he and his new wife were going to have her first grandchild!  I wasn't able to go to their Wedding and felt that it was the least that I could do to make the Baby Shower Invitations!

I new I wanted to do something interactive so that the guests needed to find the details rather than just opening a card.  I hope you like the video showing how the card works.

I simply glued the top, bottom and one side of the backing paper and that left the slit down the left side of the card.  Using a smaller paper printed from the computer will all the details (my girlfriend wanted to write in the details herself rather than have it computer generated) on one side of the card and the map with directions on the flip side.

The end result was fantastic and Simone was delighted with the 28 invitations! LOL

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